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We offer individual and flexible accounting solutions for our customers

We have an individual approach to each customer, we understand the customer's accounting needs and help your company on its way to a healthy economy and business operations.

About Us

Finadvice helps your business with accounting and reporting.

We tailor a package of our services that is just right for your company. Do you want to do as much as possible yourself? We can help you only with the Annual Financial Statements and advise you when you are in doubt.

Do you want to focus on your business and let us take care of the full cycle accounting?

An authorized accounting firm

An Authorized Public Accountant has been approved by Finanstilsynet to perform accounting for companies. Stricter requirements are set for us who undertake to keep accounts for others. Read more about authorization requirements in Norway here

Close monitoring

We have an individual approach and personal follow-up of each customer. We map the customer's accounting needs and find the best solution. As a small company, we have the opportunity to follow up each customer.

Flexible accounting solutions

We offer your company the accounting services you need. We can perform a full range of accounting services for your company or help only with the Annual Financial Statements. We mainly use Tripletex, but also have customers who keep accounts in Fiken, Conta, Visma eAccounting.

We speak English and other languages.

If you do not speak Norwegian yourself, it should not stop you from having your own business in Norway. We have extensive experience with English-speaking customers. In addition, we speak Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Persian and can be your representative to the Norwegian authorities, we speak Norwegian, of course.

Main service

Paperless Accounting

We are committed to working with modern financial systems and primarily use Tripletex. Tripletex is a comprehensive web-based accounting system that allows you, as a customer, to have complete oversight of your business operations. It also enables us to share accounting tasks between you and us according to your preferences and needs. Additionally, we can work with other web-based systems that our clients may use, such as Visma eAccounting.

Our services

Accounting Services

We are pleased to assist with developing effective internal control routines and efficient accounting methods. We prioritize ensuring that reports accurately reflect the financial health of your company, helping you succeed in your business endeavors.

Payroll Processing
Financial Analysis
Annual Financial Statements
Tax Filing
Business Income Statements

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